WIN PACK L.L.C well established in local market as well as in international market as a major supplier of Polystyrene foam products, Drinking straws, Prime Quality Cutlery, Aluminum Foil Board LID for Aluminum Containers. in order to provide high quality products with implements strict quality control and hygienic procedures in every stage of production.

We are the leading manufacturer of expanded polystyrene(EPS) disposable take-away containers like Lunch box, burger boxes with printing, trays, plates, soup bowl, polypropylene(PP) juice cups, High Impact polystyrene(HIPS) cups with printing, and drinking straws with wrapping and printing. All of our products are made of prime quality food grade material. More over, we have ultra modern manufacturing facility for making molds and are capable of producing new molds as per the customer request

Main Advantage of EPS Products are: 

  • Hygienic and Reusable
  • EPS Packaging method offers insulation properties like maintaining temperature and Freshness for both Hot or Cold food.
  • Soak proof and ideal for hot, cold and frozen food.
  • 100% recyclable and ozone friendly
  • CFC free.
  • Being light weight, PS helps reduce plastic consumption, hence reducing plastic waste.
  • Light weight and affordable

The Main users of our products are Poultry & live stock, Frozen foods packaging, Fast food Restaurants, Bakeries, Catering companies, Hotels & Cafe etc.....